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Sustainability is an important aspect in our daily business. It is important for us to reflect this aspect in all our actions with regard to environmental awareness as well as personnel topics.


In times of climate change and running short on resources, one of our main ambitions as a company is to act sustainably and always with a focus on the environment:

  • Implementation of Responsible Care (RC) and Green Logistic requirements
  • Reduction of negative environmental consequences of our activities through BBS (Based Behaviour Safety)
  • Implementation of environmentally friendly technologies regarding our fleet, equipment and best practice
  • Establishing the use of alternative resources in our fleet as well as our facilities
  • Optimisation of utilisation / reduction of empty runs
  • Optimisation of route planning
  • Shift the focal point from road to alternatives (road and water)
  • Protection and effective management of resources




As a third-generation family company, our employees are our most important asset. Accordingly, we focus on a lasting interaction amongst us as well as with our business partners:

  • Open, respectful and fair interaction
  • Ostracism of any form of mobbing, racism, disrespectful behaviour and violence
  • Safe management leadership with regard to the company as well as employee development and work environment
  • Transparent communication of company policy and strategy to our staff
  • Active management motivation and coaching of all teams
  • Inclusion of all staff with regard to company development, e.g. by suggestion scheme, protection of intellectual property
  • Encouragement and support of all employees by means of internal / external training and further education
  • Comprehensive health programme

Business partners

  • Encouraging and supporting our business partners to act with consideration regarding transports, work flow and processes


Our sustainable human resource management has established us as an attractive employer. If you are interested in a future-oriented career at Lanfer, we encourage you to visit our career page.